Talk with Dharlene Marie Fahl for 5D Women

5D women’s group founded by Susan Taylor uses a principle of 5 dimensions to support confidence and inner-strength amongst women entrepreneurs wanting to bring their ideas to fruition. Dharlene Fahl, owner of Red Poppy Press, and a Tea Specialist helps run the office in the Murrieta Innovation Center and has been one entrepreneur benefiting from 5D’s guidance in starting her own company soon to publish her own new series of books, with a children’s book in the works.


The principles of 5D takes an inside-out approach to navigating the business world, focusing on building the right mind-set and then providing the tools and guidance to bring ideas to market. Dharlene spoke about how times are changing since she has been working in a corporate environment. New generations are trying to adapt to the current business environment, but have also created a lot of change, especially in bringing more diversity to the workplace and in the start-up world.


5D will expand in the coming months with a new website launch, including links for courses and online tools such as how to form a business plan, and the beginning of a larger community of women entrepreneurs and business owners or anyone with an idea unsure about where to start.


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