YES Place

The YESplace (Young Entrepreneur Success Place) located in the MurrieYESplaceta Innovation Center is an outreach project of the Saturday Morning Foundation, an organization dedicated toward improving our local economies through educating and inspiring business owners.

Its mission is accomplished through business and success oriented radio and television programs on major television cable networks and through entrepreneurship seminars for youth, including at-risk youth. During the seminars the youth are assigned a business mentor for the seminar and for a full year following the seminar. They discover through brainstorming activities what they are passionate about, are taught how to conduct a feasibility study, mind-set requirements for a business owner, marketing/sales, and a whole bunch of other necessary skillsets needed for a successful entrepreneur.

The mentoring center in Murrieta is a physical location where graduates of the seminar can come to meet with their mentors who are helping them start their own businesses. They also will have access in the center to a full television and radio studio where they can create videos and get the word out to the public about their business.

Our founder, Denis Nurmela, is an author/speaker and host of radio/TV shows about business and success. He started his first business when he was 9 years old and has created multi-million dollar annual revenues. He is passionate about teaching our up-and-coming generation of entrepreneurs the secrets of success.

Learn more about the Saturday Morning Foundation at and visit Also, please follow us on social media. Our volunteers and mentors all have a big heart for helping out youth. Please come by and visit us. Raven Lewis, our center director can be reached at or 951-708-0009.