What is the Murrieta Innovation Center?

The Murrieta Innovation Center is an incubator owned and operated by the City of Murrieta. A hub utilizing open work space, government partnerships, and programs for organizations and emerging technology companies. Currently, low-cost space and resources for healthcare and medical device technology companies are the mainstay of the MIC. While these companies call the innovation center home, it remains a resource for any emerging businesses, entrepreneurs, and other groups to meet, create, network, hold workshops or seminars, and utilize the center’s consultancy services. What is great about the MIC is that it brings entrepreneurs, start-ups, established companies, universities, students, consultants, and non-profits together creating an “innovation vortex.” This vortex can create an environment serving as a catalyst for unprecedented regional economic growth through innovation and collaboration.

Where is the MIC?

Find the MIC right in the heart of Murrieta off of Jefferson Ave. at 26442 Beckman Ct, Murrieta, CA 92562.

What resources are available now?

The MIC offers desks, Wi-Fi, couches, and tables for any business wanting to utilize areas where free space is available. A larger meeting room for any organization or business wanting to hold an event, seminar, training, meeting or interviews is available upon request through the events page on the MIC site. Consultancy and non-profit agencies are located in the MIC, including youth programs and an organization focusing on women entrepreneurs as well as the VBAC focusing on veteran networking and entrepreneurship.

Why Healthcare and Medical Device technology?

Focusing on Healthcare and Medical Device technology allows for greater collaboration between companies at the MIC and takes advantage of Murrieta’s growing health sector. This helps increase potential innovation and growth.

Are you a Healthcare or Medical Device Company/Start-up?

A large part of the MIC dedicates itself to providing space for companies like you! Rental space is available through an application process on our company applications page. You’ll be guided to an application and other resources to get more information and steps to becoming a member. If you have any general questions about your eligibility or any costs involved in operating within the center, please send us a message!

How to stay updated on what’s happening at the MIC.

Follow this blog! Find any public events, new resources, renovations, companies or information useful for your business here. This includes updates on internal MIC news and updates relevant to businesses and entrepreneurs based in Murrieta. Check out our events page that will soon include events happening at the center and other events on business and entrepreneurship around Murrieta.

For more  on the MIC you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.