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Yes, it’s time again for Startup Digest! All the events, ideas and stories we could come up with to share with you for the week. If you have anything you would like to share with our community, send it along. And as always, share this great resource with a friend – that’s how we grow!

1 Million Cups is Back!

We have moved our venue to the Murrieta Innovation Center, and there is plenty of room and coffee for everyone! Come here two local startups pitch their business idea and be ready to provide candid and constructive feedback and ideas. Together we can all grow and prosper, and that is what 1 Million Cups Riverside is all about. Please join us at 9 am on Wed at 26442 Beckman Court in Murrieta (cross streets are Jefferson and Corning) – we’ll have hot coffee ready!

Social Media Mentorship

I have attended several of Liz Harsch’s workshops on social media, and every time she reminds me of things that I should be doing but forgot about. Whether you are a social media superstar or a newbie that has yet to enter the social media world, everyone should take the time to attend this free workshop. Liz has traveled from Los Angeles to share her knowledge and there are two events on July 30- one in Murrieta and one in Riverside, so there is no excuse for missing this – and it’s free! See registration details below.

High Growth Strategies

“How did you go from underdog to the market’s top dog while retaining 98 percent of your customers? And your niche market (electronic medical records) is rather saturated with nearly 500 competitors. How is it possible to make waves in an ocean in which every ripple looks similar to the one next to it?” Eric McDonald of DocuTAP shares how he has been able to sustain high growth in a crowded market. Hint – it’s all about the customer. More

Learn From These Mistakes

“Smart men learn from their mistakes; wise men learn from other people’s mistakes.” Matt Epstein, the first employee of Zenefits, gives you their top five mistakes when forming a company that has grown exponentially, doing over $20M in revenue in 2014. More

“One thing I like to encourage young companies to do is think about companies like KKR, with a vast portfolio of companies that we have. We have over 100 companies in a lot of different industries and over $220 billion in revenue. Can you start to scale your business much faster by tying in with someone like a KKR that has this, let’s call it for now, offline kind of business? The answer is yes.” – Henry Kravis of KKR

“Good marketing is always having 20 balls in the air, not keeping one giant ball afloat.” – Matt Epstein, Zenefits

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