Spotlight: The Press Espresso coming to Murrieta!

The long awaited arrival of the much loved coffee shop, the Press Espresso may be right around the corner! Situated near the corner of Kalmia and Washington Ave. is a space that is soon to be home to a new Murrieta fan favorite. It doesn’t take seeing just their long standing 5-star rating on Yelp to know why the Press Espresso has become so popular in their first location near Old Town Temecula. Unique flavors and ingredients such as lavender and rose, house made syrups, and careful presentation create a unique experience. Everything has a thoughtfulness that is easily seen from the décor, to the one-of-a-kind lattes and friendly staff.


Yasmine, one of the founders of the Press Espresso sat down to talk about the history of the coffee shop and what may be ahead. She and her husband had been in the photography business and gained a knack for lattes, and other beverages offered to clients. Gaining a passion for the craft, Yasmine saw the potential of an open space where she could take the entrepreneurial leap and start her own shop. This spur of the moment decision began what is now a favored coffee shop of many local coffee lovers and even tourists seeking out the hand crafted drinks and inviting atmosphere.


While the Press is now expanding to Murrieta, Yasmine says there isn’t any long term plan to move out of the area any time soon. Nevertheless, the Press is a true gem that Murrieta locals will soon have close to home. Yasmine invites everyone to come and sit, stay awhile. The atmosphere, layout, and unique presentation are all to invite guests to sit and enjoy over taking a quick coffee to go.


Come and see for yourself what the Press is all about even before they open in Murrieta at their Temecula location at 41920 6th St. Temecula, CA 92590.


Or check out their website and menu here:


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