About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Murrieta Innovation Center!

We are dedicated to growing our economy by supporting new and innovative companies that are focused on Healthcare Technologies and Medical Devices.

The Innovation Center hosts start-up and growing companies, provides resources through mentors and partners, and offers the support all young businesses need to grow.

While our incubation area focuses on companies that provide solutions in the healthcare tech and medical device fields, we support all entrepreneurs with workshops, seminars, training sessions and other activities designed to provide the guidance that can help them grow and sustain profitable businesses in the Murrieta area.


Some of the resources offered at the Center are mentors including SCORE, SBDC, attorneys, accountants, HR professionals, insurance advisers, a seed fund, and a host of organizations and individuals dedicated to helping young people learn entrepreneurship and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through after school programs.

There is also an electronics lab with seasoned inventors and “makers” who can help develop fast prototyping for our young companies. A video production facility helps our entrepreneurs take their message to the world through video. Our International Business Resource Center helps them build a global business perspective.

Alliances and Partners

We are fortunate to have forged an alliance with Loma Linda University Medical Center, which will occupy a large portion of our Center. This collaboration provides a real-world perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs today.

When you combine all of these resources, you have what we call an “innovation vortex” that creates an environment of collaboration and innovation that can spur aggressive economic growth in the region.

The Innovation Center is owned and operated by the City of Murrieta and supported by InSoCal CONNECT as its on-site administrator.


It is the new addition to our local economic engine – the Murrieta Innovation Center or the MIC, as we call it!

We all know how great it is to live in this community. Unfortunately, many of our skilled workers have to spend too much time on the road, commuting to high paying jobs in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. We want to change that by growing new and innovative companies here in the valley.

The Innovation Center is one key to our strategy. Think of it as an incubator on steroids. We have dedicated the old city hall building at 26442 Beckman Court to helping young companies and business leaders grow.

There is a public “hangout” in the front of the building where anyone in the community can come in, relax, have a cup of coffee and fire up their laptop and use our free wi-fi. It’s like a coffee shop, but more businesslike and economical!

The incubator itself is a large open workspace where people can work alone or in groups. These tenants will be focused on healthcare technologies and medical device development. You’ll see why in a minute.

One of the main reasons incubators fail is because all they do is provide low cost office space. We have dedicated offices for resource partners to provide the mentorship and assistance these companies desperately need. InSoCal CONNECT (www.insocalconnect.org) is our on-site administrator and provides guidance and support to all of the entities in the building.

Jay Goth Director InSoCalCONNECT Mentoring

There is an office for SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives – www.score.org) – a great organization of volunteers that add sound business experience to their assistance programs. There is an office for local SBDCs as well- they provide a vast array of technical assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. (click here for more information). There are also offices for local legal, accounting, insurance and human resource mentors to conduct one on one counseling. These resources are critical to our entrepreneurs’ success.

Another organization supporting the Center is the Young Entrepreneurs Success Foundation. This group will be providing STEM and other educational and mentoring services to younger (18-24 year old) entrepreneurs and students. There is a dedicated area just for this purpose, and it will also be used by local educational and professional mentors for code academies, hackathons, robotics, and more!


We have an electronics lab in one part of the building for local inventors. This will have CAD stations, a 3D printer, testing stations and more to help bring the ideas of the innovators in the incubator to life.


Almost one quarter of the building will house a new Strategy and Innovation Center for Loma Linda University Medical Center. This is a  place where the staff can come, relax and come up with solutions to the challenges they see in everyday life as medical professionals. There will also be events and plenty of collaboration with our inventors and innovators! This is the real world meeting the conceptual world – something unique among accelerators.

There is a full video production studio on site, with several sets, green screen, etc so that our tenants will be able to constantly update the world on their ideas and inventions. Video is the new communication medium and we will have a very professional studio and post production facility that will really set our innovators above the crowd.

Video Production Studio

Finally, we have an office dedicated to International Business Resources. InSoCal CONNECT has an International Business working group that includes the Commerce Department, Ex-Im Bank, and professionals who have strong ties to Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Fostering business ideas, products and even trading companies between countries will greatly expand our local businesses into the global markets.

Business Rountable

And . . . so much more!  If you are interested in having a tour, becoming a member or sponsor, give us a call.  We want like minded, passionate people to join us in creating a space like no other.

Quick facts:

  • Founded in 2015
  • Located in Murrieta, California
  • Accredited by the City of Murrieta
  • Lawyers, and other valuable resources for small businesses are available

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